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Pavement Maintenance

Commercial Sealcoating

Asphalt is a significant investment into your commercial property.

Why risk this investment to the elements? With proper commercial sealcoating, you can protect your asphalt, enhancing the functionality and prolonging the life of your asphalt.

Advanced Formula

We prepare for the project by cleaning the lot of all loose debris with a high-powered blower and/or motorized wire broom. We then apply an oil spot primer. Using 100% coal tar emulsion, we will cover, on average, 36 square feet of asphalt per gallon. We use a rubberized coal tar emulsion, exceeding the Federal Specifications RP335e. This commercial grade product is mixed using a hydraulic-driven tanker machine with a sand hog pump system.

To increase the solids content while also reducing liability against slips and falls, we add approximately 3-4 pounds of silica sand per gallon. Because each parking lot has different conditions, we custom-design a mix specific to each application. For increased strength and longevity, we will add an acrylic-based hardening additive to this formula. We can then apply the material using a hand-squeegee or spray application.

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We can fix cracks in your asphalt

Cracks in your asphalt require prompt service. Letting them sit will result in further deterioration, increasing the chances of major potholes and people getting injured from tripping and falling. This problem is made worse by the constant freeze and thaw weather we deal with here in Michigan. We will fix the cracks in your pavement quickly to keep them from becoming major issues.

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Man Filling a Crack in an Asphalt Road

Routed Preparation & Application

If you have singular cracks that are less than ½” wide (not alligator-like areas), we will route them with a mechanical router. We will then thoroughly clean the cracks to remove all vegetation and foreign matter with an industrial air compressor or high-powered blower. Next, we’ll properly seal the cracks using a state-of-the-art oil-jacketed crack sealing machine with a rubberized hot pour material meeting federal spec 3405.

The material in the oil-jacked system is hydraulically agitated, then pressure-fed through an oil-jacketed pump and injected directly into the crack at optimum temperature and proper pressure. This process helps to prevent decomposition of the material while ensuring maximum adhesion.

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Over-Banded Application

For singular cracks that are wider than ½” (not alligator-like areas), we thoroughly clean the area of all vegetation and foreign matter with our industrial air compressor and/or high-power blower. We will then pre-fill all deep cracks with silica sand within ¼” from the surface to prevent the hot rubber from sinking. We then use a banding method to apply rubber ½” wider than the crack on either side, preventing water from sitting directly on or near the crack.

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Crack in Asphalt Pavement

Striping and parking lot painting

With proper parking lot striping or painting, you can maximize the use of space in your lot while also creating a favorable traffic flow, reducing the possibility of any fender benders or accidents on your property. At Spartan Paving, we can make sure your lot has all the traffic markers you need.

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